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My Dream Dog

7-11 July 2015: The Bali government is carrying out a quiet, concerted, sweeping cull of all dogs caught outside their compounds in Ubud by dropping extremely vicious, fast-acting poison randomly across Ubud's populated neighbourhoods.

Facebook's Ubud Community yesterday and today (10-11 July 2015) has reliable reports of dog-culling teams sweeping through Sukawati and Ubud.

Also on Facebook, a tragic story of how the ill-advised battle against rabies on Bali rips apart the heart of one man and his closest friend - and ironically takes out the strongest link in his neighbourhood's fight against rabies.

From a contributor's personal post at Facebook's Ubud Community (11 July 2015)

"I took my two dogs for a walk in the sawah three days ago [July 7 2015] and one of them ate some very bad poison left by the side of the footpath, and she died an excruciatingly horrid death in my arms fifteen minutes later. She ended up bleeding through her mouth. A farmer helped me put a hose into her throat to clean it out but it didn't work.

She was an extremely fit, very healthy six-year old local dog, and fully vaccinated against rabies and parvo and everything else.

There was no helping my dog. She started to die very quickly. It was no normal rat poison.

She just went limper and limper. And then she gritted her teeth and passed away.

After she was dead, I hugged her and kissed her fur until she went cold.

If, over the next few days or weeks there are more and more cases of poisonings over Ubud, then that is evidence enough for me that a sly, official, banjar-to-banjar cull is happening. Remember that the rabid dog caught and put down in Penestanan a couple of months ago is only five minutes up the road from where I live...

And that rabies is making another comeback on Bali this year.

I only knew about the other two dogs because I told local people about mine, and one said: "Oh! A big Kintamani dog died round the corner yesterday too!"

And then a kilometer up the road I went to a shop, and I'm close to them so I told them and they said: "Oh! Our neighbours three doors down lost their dog that day, too!"

And then my girlfriend's puppy got poisoned on the same day way up near Sayan. What a coincidence.

If it's an official thing, they'll be using very dangerous drugs. If it's a local thing, it'll just be shit rat poison that might or might not kill. But the farmer who stayed with me and tried to help her kept saying, "This is bad poison... this is very strong poison..."

I found out today that a fourth dog died in our neighbourhood - at the end of our street. It only got found yesterday as it had hidden itself and had started to smell.

I talked to two more farmers today about my dog getting killed. They both said it would be meat traders - and that they usually work at night at around 4am, wait for the dogs to die, and take them away to the dog restaurants.

But my dog, and all the others, died late afternoon on the same day. And nobody took away their bodies. And then my girlfriend's puppy died a horrible death up in North Ubud, also poisoned, late afternoon - except that it had only eaten a little bit, and shat blood for two nights until it died. That's some coincidence.

Meat traders take the bodies away. That is their trade. Without the body, there is no payment for them.

I believe that because Ubud is a tourist area, and in peak tourist season - and considering the embarrassing case of the rabid dog in Ubud's Penestanan a few month's back - that the local government has reverted to ineffective rabies-inducing culling.

Get as many dogs off the roads and fields as possible, and rabies will go away.

Except that their children may get bitten next year when rabies comes back to bite everybody - and the economy - on the arse. And they're doing it slyly in Ubud. No big teams, nothing to kick up a fuss with the local expats, no large piles of dead bodies like in 2009/10 to turn the tourists off - and their holiday snaps ending up on Tripadvisor and Facebook and Instagram...

Tie up your dogs, take them on a leash/lead when you take them for a walk, muzzle them, and don't let them near anything that looks like rubbish/garbage.

But they just killed my dog, who I bet was the best-vaccinated dog on the block. Ignorant, murderous fools.

They're wiping out all the vaccinated dogs. And the people who get bitten very frequently during a rabies epidemic and die one of the most horrid deaths possible are children, because they're often too shy or embarrassed to tell their parents that they've been bitten.

The RIG (immunoglobulin) shots needed for a definite rabies bite-victim have seemingly already run out again on Bali - even before the next epidemic is on our doorsteps. They say VAR, the vaccine, is very hard to get.

So my dog died an excruciatingly disgusting, ignoble death in the inglorious fight against rabies on Bali. Except that she had been vaccinated about 6 times.

Her name was Shorty.

She was the strongest link in the chain to keep rabies out of our neighbourhood."

My Dream Dog
Newly-dug grave of Frank's dog, decorated with Balinese offerings.

Heavy story.

Reports of this cull have been confirmed so far by CoconutsBali and Villa Kitty. Early days yet.

Please feel free to share this mirror to cruelty as widely as you like. I'm sure the owner would appreciate that.

Rabies and Vaccines in the Bali News

Primary-School Boy Dies of Rabies - Vaccine in Short Supply

Bali Advertiser, 08-22 July 2015: Gusti Ngurah Ari Krishna (12) from Klungkung, died on Sunday (28 June 2015) at the General Hospital in Klungkung. The boy, who had just completed primary school, was bitten by a dog near his home about a month ago. He did not receive any treatment at the time of the bite.

According to the head of the Provincial Health Office of bali, Dr. Ketut Suarjaya, 10 people in Bali have died from rabies from January to June 2015, including Ari Krishna. He acknowledged that supplies of the rabies vaccine (VAR) had begun to run thin, but were still available for emergencies.

Suarjaya stated that after numerous delays and shortfalls, the VAR manufacturer has promised to send the vaccine.

"Hopefully the stock will come. We initially ordered 85,000 vials from Bio Farma, but changed the order to 10,000," he explained. With the additional supply, the total stock of VAR in Bali will be 17,000 vials.

Suarjaya admitted that this number is still not as many as had been hoped for, but with the steady decline in the number of dog bites, it is considered sufficient. (June 29 2015.)

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- 'There is no need to catch them, or put them in a shelter or something. Just cull them. It is the dog owners' fault for letting their dogs stray,' Pastika said.

Fucking clever.

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